Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Chicks -The Flip Flop Girls!

Oh my, spring has sprung at The Chick Inn! Three out of my fourteen hens have gone broody. My blue Cochin, Cell, hatched out one baby last Friday. After sitting on her additional eggs for a few hours, she gave up and left her nest. Instead of letting them go, I scooped them up and gave them to my other broody hen, the cuckoo Maran. Today the cuckoo hatched out a baby -an Easter Egger! (My favorite!) After sitting on the other eggs the rest of the day, she abandoned them! So, I scooped them up (we heard peeping fom one!) and put them back under Cell. Oh yeah, and the cuckoo's baby is under Cell too. The cuckoo is back up in the nesting box. I guess she wants to sit on eggs, but not her newly hatched baby. She's a young hen (not quite a year old) so maybe that explains it. Anyway, we'll see if Cell can hatch out another by morning. On top of all of that, I have a black Cochin who is also broody. She's only on day three though, so who knows what we'll get fom her nest. :)