Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello Dolly!

Well, here is our newest edition, Dolly.  She is a three pound, two-year-old poodle shih-tzu mix that was recently rescued from a puppy mill.  We are fostering her – and possibly adopting her – depending on how the “old lady” of the house takes to her.  (The old lady of the house, is, of course, little Nan, my shih tzu, who will be 16 in May.)  So far, Nandy is ignoring the “problem” and quite frankly, probably hoping “it” will go away, but for now we press on in hopes of a blossoming friendship.

Dolly had never been out of a puppy mill cage until just a few days ago.  Everything is new to her and it’s so funny watching her figure out how life works on the “outside.” 
She was rescued and then had major surgery:  three dew claws removed (because they were long and infected), a complete hysterectomy due to all of the back-to-back litters of puppies, and dental work done.  She almost didn’t survive the surgery, but the vet was able to keep her going and now she is with me recovering.  She stays on my lap whenever I sit and if I can’t hold her she finds someone to take my place.
She has such a sweet spirit about her and I’m really hoping that Nandy warms up to her.  I would love to keep her, however I have a lot of folks volunteering to take her if it doesn’t work out.  :0)

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