Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blow Money aka Pocket Money

If you follow Dave Ramsey, you know there is a budget line called blow money.  Some folks call it pocket money, others call it his & hers money.  The idea is that you can spend your blow money on whatever you'd like without busting your budget.  Dave advises that you take your blow money out in cash rather than use a debit card.

When we first created our budget, I wanted blow money.  Aaron did not want us to take any; he wanted it all to go to the debt.  I wanted to take out $20 per pay period to split, which would have given us each $10 every two weeks.  After realizing that if I had blow money, I would definitely spend it, and after crunching the numbers ($20 x 26 pay periods) I realized that was a lot of money that could go to paying down debt and I changed my mind.

Last night at our third FPU class the topic of blow money came up.  Our coordinator (who is my dad) asked if anyone was not allowing for blow money in their budget.  Aaron and I were the only ones!  It started quite a big discussion and everyone seemed to be of the mindset that we should take blow money.  No one really said anything to convince me to take it, but I am open to the idea if Aaron is.  For now, I think we will continue to leave that budget line at zero and have every dollar go to the debt snowball.  I will be so glad when the last credit card is paid! :)

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