Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brace Yourself!

Okay, this post isn't about kids, pets, crafts, or cleaning.  It's about me.  :) For years I have struggled with what my dentist calls "tongue thrust".  (It sound so ugly, doesn't it?) Basically, my tongue goes forward when I talk, swallow, play the flute and sleep instead of going up like it should.  As I age, I noticed that it was getting much worse so I decided to get braces. I know, right? Braces at 37 years old! :) I had them put on in August of last year and just had them taken off. Here's my before and after:
I only wore them on the top.  I also went with the cheapest option, metal. I always got pink or red bands except one time I got lavender and another time yellow, which my mom made me promise I'd never do again. (It wasn't a good look.) ;)
This was two days before they were removed.

And finally....the end result. I'm very happy although sometimes I miss my gap. I know, I know...

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