Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Best Friend (Non-living, that is)

Okay, so in my married life, I think Aaron and I have purchased over a dozen vacuums. Seriously....a dozen or more. It's crazy!! We have never spent more than $50 on one, but still....that's a lot of cash over a marriage of not quite 16 years!! Last fall....I think in September or October....we purchased yet another Bissel vacuum from Wal-Mart for $35. (It was during the "back to school" savings time.) I had a Bissel before and really liked it. It was a 'bagless' model and easy to use & keep clean. Well, until I creviced the front porch two weeks ago. {PLEASE tell me that I am not the only person who would crevis their front porch!!} Anyway, apparently $35 Bissel vacuums are not the best choice to use when vacuuming your front porch.....should you feel the need to vacuum your porch. (I just can't talk about that right now.)

In the meantime, we have had this big home improvement project going on that involves drywall and a LOT of dust. I know what you're thinking....if I can't handle dirt on my front porch, how can I handle all of the construction debris & dust? YES!! So, in order to clean the messes up while we work, I asked Aaron to bring in his 12 gallon Shop Vac for me to use. Since my vacuum wasn't working, I started using the shop vac to vacuum the whole house.

I have to interject something here: I have NO carpet. Seriously....no carpet in my home. I have all hardwood or laminate flooring in my home. (Would you believe I can't stand dirty carpet? I know...it's shocking!) Seeing how I have no carpet, all I ever do with my vacuum is crevis around the edges of rooms to get all of the massive amounts of dog hair that Angel leaves behind. So, the shop vac works great!

I jokingly said to Aaron, "Forget buying a new vacuum....I'll just get my own shop vac." He said, "That's a GREAT idea!!" So, off we went to the stores to price out a smaller version. After checking prices at Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart and Target, we decided to go with the 5 horse power, 2 gallon Rigid brand vet / dry vac. She has swivel wheels and a 20 foot cord. She also has a ton of optional attachments....even mini attachments that will crevis vacuum my baby grand piano. (Oh, my heart just fluttered again!)

Needless to say, I have a new, non-living best friend. Her name is Gidget and she follows me all around the house, asking, "What can I do for you now?" I have vacuumed under all of our appliances, vacuumed out all of our kitchen cabinets & drawers, the furnace filter, you name it and it's been vacuumed! :0)

You can say it.....I really suck! Ba-doom-ching!

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