Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Cricut Experience!

Okay, so I am driving my family absolutely crazy over my desire to own a Cricut Expression.  In December I entered a prize giveaway by for a grand prize Cricut bundle package.  They emailed me and said I was one of the 10 finalists, but here we are in February and I have received nothing from them.  (They had said that I would receive either the grand prize or another smaller prize.  I'm not sure if it was a joke or a scam or just what.)  Anyway, after I found out I was a finalist, I started researching the Cricut and found so many cool projects!  Of course, now the Cricut is number 1 on my wish list.  :0)

A met a sweet lady in our homeschool group that invited me over today to play with her Cricut.  She was so sweet to have me over!  She showed me the basics and we made the following projects together.  I had a blast!!  We are going to get together again in a couple of weeks for round two.  :0)  I can't wait!

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