Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Disneybound Snow White Outfit

My daughter introduced me to "Disney-bounding" this past summer and oh. my. word!  It is the coolest idea ever!  If you don't know what it is, it's basically putting together modern, stylish outfits inspired by a Disney character. I put together the following outfit for our recent trip:

I found the Capri pants, tank and jacket at my local Goodwill. The shoes are from (by Gotta Flurt) and the charms are from Hobby Lobby. One is an apple, the other is a mirror that says, "Fairest of them all." Carrie bought me a red satin hair bow that I also wore (not pictured).

I had a lot of people stop me in the Magic Kingdom to compliment me on my outfit. I had one cast member stop me and tell me that I had the same colors on as Snow White. :) She had never heard of Disney-bounding so I filled her in. I saw her later in the week and she said she had googled the term and couldn't believe how many outfits had been created. It is a lot of fun and totally addicting. 

As a bonus, Carrie found out that Snow White was having a meet & greet the day we were there so I had my photo taken with her. I'll post that once all of our vaca pics and downloaded. Snow White really liked my outfit. :)

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