Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I don't like cash. :/

Aaron and I put together our first "zero based" budget a couple weeks ago and put it into practice last Wednesday (payday). I went to the bank and withdrew cash for everything except for the bills we were paying out of our checking account. 

You know what I realized?  I don't like cash. I know that sounds crazy. I think I'm afraid of it...actually I think I'm afraid of losing it. I need to get over that!

After I got home, I divided up the cash money into envelopes. I carry three envelopes: food, pets, and clothing/household and Aaron took gas and giving/tithe. At first I wouldn't carry all three envelopes in my purse but now I'm getting a bit more comfortable with it. 

I also realized that envelopes in the checkout line are not too appreciated by the cashiers and folks in line behind me. I'm a bit clunky trying to get change together and then money and a receipt back into the envelope. I think I'm going to try to make some type of fabric pouch to separate money into. Pinterest, here I come!  :)

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