Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Eggs

We are now up to four laying hens in our coop.  Trudy, the White Leghorn, has been laying white eggs since late September.  Shortly after she started laying, our first Easter Egger started laying light brown/pinkinsh color eggs.  This past Sunday we came home from church to find our first ever green egg!  We are pretty sure it came from Zoey, because she has been showing some of the same signs as the other two layers (bright red comb, talking & squatting a lot, etc.).  Just yesterday we found a fourth color egg in the coop; this one laying on the ground.  We are not sure who layed it, but are considering that it might be from Dixie, our Barred Rock chick.  It was a light, creamy beige color.  Here is a photo of the green egg next to Fluffy's latest treasure.  I think it is the biggest egg I have ever seen!

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