Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our First EGG!

So, I haven't posted in a while and while I've been "away" from my blog, we have been blessed with about a dozen little treasures from The Chick Inn!  Our first little egg came on September 22nd.  It was from our White Leghorn girl, Trudy.  Trudy is from our second batch of babies and was just barely four months old when she gave us her first egg.  Since then, she has laid about one egg every other day.  White Leghorms produce the most popular eggs in America.  They are pure white and are what you would normally buy at the grocery store.  They will give almost one egg every day, which is why they are so popular with commercial egg producers.

Here is Trudy's egg (on the left) next to a store bought, grade A large egg (on the right):

Not bad for a first egg!

The one difference I just can't get over is the color of the yolk!  The other day I made pumpkin bread and needed four eggs.  I had three from our coop and one store bought egg.  I have a habit of cracking my eggs into a clean bowl before adding them to a recipe just in case there are any blood spots or - gasp! - developing chicks inside.  (It's just a precautionary thing I do.)  When I saw all four eggs in a cereal bowl I just couldn't believe the difference in the light yellow yolk of the store bought egg and the almost orange looking yolk from our homegrown eggs!  I wish I had sanpped a photo of the four eggs...I will the next time I make something that requires more than one egg.

Here is a photo of the inside of our first egg:

And here it is scrambled.  We split it into seven bites.  :0)

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