Friday, October 15, 2010

There's a Boy in the Hen House!

Remember my "no roosters allowed" clause?  Yeah,'s being put to the test.  One of the mail order chicks from turned out to be a boy.  He is such a nice chicken.  He's strong, vibrant, beautiful and friendly.  He's quite tame; he'll let you pet him and he even tolerates being held.  Now, if he were a mean, ugly rooster, I'd have no problem eating him.  But, because he's so nice, it's hard to think of butchering him.  Every other chicken owner I've ever met tells me that chickens aren't pets and I shouldn't treat them like pets.  Sorry.  I can't help it.  They are my flock and I love them as pets.  And they love me.  (Okay, they love all of the food I bring them.)  But they do run to me for protection, affection and treats.  I view that as love.  (Heck, sometimes that's more than my own children come to me for!)  :0)  So...the dilemma is....what to do with this crowing boy.  Hmmm.....

Buffy, our New Hampshire Red rooster.  When "she" was a baby we thought "she" was a female, Buff Orpinging chick; hence the name, Buffy.  Now that's "she's" all grown up, we realize that HE has a girly name, therefore it is now Mr. Buffy.  :0)

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