Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sad Day for the Gantz Family Farm

Well, I am very sad to report that our prize winning rooster, Mr. Buffy, has passed away.  We don't know what happened, but he was gone when we let the chickens out yesterday morning.  It was so sad to see him lying on the coop floor, lifeless.  He had been fine the day before and I honestly have no idea what happened to make him die.  Jake said the night before he was acting a little strange, but none of us thought he could be sick.  Someone suggested that he was bitten by a spider or a snake; my husband wonders if he possibly picked up something from the fair back in October.  We're not sure, but so far the girls seem to be feeling fine so if it was a disease, I am hopeful that it didn't spread through the flock.

I was so sad when I heard he had died.  I cried....more than once.  My husband says I'm too sensitive to be a farmer.  I suppose I am.  I don't apologize for crying though.  Mr. Buffy was not just a chicken, he was our pet.  Every chicken expert I've ever met or read about has said that chickens are not pets.  I completely disagree.  Each bird has a unique personality.  Some are playful, some are serious, some are food hogs, some are so docile that they could be house pets (were it not for the lack of potty training-ness), but they are each individuals in need of love and attention and here at the Gantz Family Farm, we all welcome them as members of the family.  And Mr. Buffy will  be missed.  R.I.P. Mr. Buffy.  We love you!

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