Saturday, December 7, 2013

$15 to go!

So we've put our Craig's List selling into high gear in hopes to meet our baby step one goal early. Now that Aaron and I have realized that we don't have to live with credit card debt, we are bent on getting out from under it. He's taking as much overtime as his work will give him - in fact, he's there right now!  Just before he left for his OT shift we sat down and counted up how much we've made over the past few days from piano ($40) and Craig's List ($140) and we are just $16.46 short!  We scrounged up $1.46 in change and that makes us just $15 away from our first goal. The really fun part is that I have a meeting planned with a gal to sell a dog crate tomorrow after church for...guess how much?  Yep! $15!

So, just to recap, our first goal was to have our $1,000 emergency fund (aka baby step one) funded by New Year's Day.  If we can make the next $15 and complete a bank deposit on Monday, we will be more than three weeks ahead of schedule. Exciting!!

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