Thursday, December 26, 2013

Old Navy and Dr. Dube are PAID OFF!

Our last paycheck was quite a bit bigger than normal so we were able to say goodbye to Old Navy, which we owed about $43 on. That card had only been used a couple of times to buy jeans for the younger two boys and an outfit for Aaron. It was a small balance to begin with (>$100) but it felt great to pay off yet another card!  We also were able to pay off our dental bill which was $80.60. That frees up $75 for our debt snowball because each of those, along with QVC, were paid $25 each month. It's crazy how quickly the debt snowball grows!

We also had about $138 leftover to pay towards our next debt, which is a Bank of America Visa with a balance of just over $3,160. The main thing on that Visa is a replacement AC unit that we bought three summers ago. We've always made the minimum payment but never really got anywhere because my monthly Planet Fitness membership was also billed to that card. (Of course, that membership is cancelled now, but it was $19.99 a month.). With the gym membership being billed to it, along with the monthly interest charge, my payment of $60 a month barely made a dent in the original AC purchase. Not anymore!  Our debt snowball has picked up steam so we will be paying a minimum of $135 to that card from now on. We'll also put any extra money on it as it appears. I'm hoping to have it paid off within a few months (by Aaron's birthday on April 16th) but that might be pushing it. We'll see. :)

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