Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Resolutions

It's New Year's Eve!  This year we are hanging out at home. My sister and her family are visiting from Michigan and we were planning on getting together but they have colds and they shared with my mom and dad. No fun!  We did spend some time together this afternoon as we celebrated my grandpa's 89th birthday but everyone was pretty wiped out after the party. So, I'm sitting here in my PJs blogging. What a start to the new year, hun?

I was just collecting my thoughts on what I want to resolve to do this year. One thing came to mind quickly. I have a LARGE cross stitch that I started years ago and never finished so finishing that is going on the list. (It's a big Amazing Grace hymn page with the music score and a big floral border.) I'm not sure how I want to resolve to make progress in our debt snowball plan, but it is definitely on the short list. I think I will resolve to be intentional with money. We will continue to set goals for specific cards as we plug along, but I'm not sure how to set a reasonable goal for the whole year. I'd love to resolve to have at least half of our debt paid off by the end of 2014 but I'm not sure that's attainable. So, resolving to be intentional with money will work. That will include bi-weekly budget meetings, using cash for purchases, not borrowing any more money, setting short term goals and paying down on debt with gazelle intensity. 

I'm sure I'll come up with some other goals for the year but I haven't thought of them yet. :) I have two extra boys here tonight and Mrs. Puff is fired up and dashing across my bedroom floor. She's excited for the new year, I guess! :P (Mrs. Puff is my six month old siamese mix kitten.) :)
Here is Mrs. Puff hanging out on my guitar case. :) I rescued her this fall from my grandparent's house. Her parents were feral and she was one of two litters they had living under their house. Brady caught her when she was about five weeks old and she's been a close friend ever since. I love my Mrs. Puff - definitely a highlight of my year!! :)

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