Saturday, January 25, 2014

Changing Our Family Tree

One of my favorite phrases from FPU is when Dave talks about changing your family tree.  When I think about it, I get so excited about teaching my children what I'm learning.  Dave's daughter, Rachel Cruz, says, "more is taught than caught" and I completely agree.  The more I set a good example for my kids, the more they'll soak up. 

Last week Kip asked me to take him to the credit union so he could open a savings account.  I was thrilled!  We went over to our credit union and the staff was awesome.  They made a big deal about him wanting to open a savings account.  They explained how credit unions work and why they call them "share" accounts.  They gave him a tshirt, stickers, and temporary tattoos with the Fat Cat logo.  (Fat Cat accounts are designed for kid's starter accounts.)  He opened his account with $12 - all of his remaining Christmas gift money!  (He only needed to start it with $5 but he was so excited, he wanted to put it all in.)

When we got home, he was so excited to tell his siblings.  They haven't opened accounts yet but I think they might come around.  :)  We offered Kip "commissions" for five extra chores every two weeks.  If he chooses to do the work, he will be paid one dollar for each on our next payday.  The first dollar he earns will go to his giving envelope.  The next two dollars will go to savings; the last two for him to spend however he'd like.  We've made the same deal with the other kids but so far he's the only one who has taken us up on it.  He has until Tuesday to do his extra chores for commissions.  I'm sure hoping he does them.  :)  I think once the other kids see him earning dollars, they'll jump on board.  I could be wrong, but time will tell....  :)

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